Technology and Talent!

Connecting global brands with local customers.

Experienced Agents Delivering
Quality Customer Interactions

ICON agents are highly trained in their specific discipline using a combination of ICON’s proven education methodologies in conjunction with client specific resources.

An outsourced ICON team is unlike any other, click below to discover what makes it so special!

ICON creates brand evangelists.

ICON’s Global Reach Connects
Your Brand With Every Customer

Thanks to Prague’s geographical location and attractive lifestyle, ICON has access to a strong multilingual workforce suitable for interacting with every customer-base.

ICON agents have conversations that take into account the nuances of language that speed up customer care and vastly improve sales conversions.

Complex BPO Solutions
For Business Transformation

ICON’s bespoke outsourcing solutions are a combination of award-winning service delivery, innovative technology application, and highly-skilled agents.

Global brands use ICON to outsource a variety of activity from level one customer care through to engineering team.



operation since 2005.

Secure environment

with industry standard accreditation.

370 agent positions

+150 seat expansion capacity.

30+ languages

and growing! Supporting 130+ countries across 18 time zones.

Advantageous price point

for optimal return on investment.


in the heart of Europe.

Endorsed location

and top-rated service provision.

Omni-channel full-service suite

providing unified communications solutions.

4.35 million interactions annually

1.23 million inbound and 3.12 million outbound

Award-Winning Outsourcing Solutions

  • "During our 10 year energetic journey, our close collaboration (listening, learning and innovating) has emerged into a true partnership; one of shared passion, conviction and aspiration focused on transforming, elevating and realising TI’s distinctive positive customer experience exuding a ‘human face’ that customers adore.​"

    Texas Instruments