ICON Communication Centres

ICON Communication Centres s.r.o. (VAT CZ26771845) was established in 2003 by UK entrepreneurs seeking to realise the benefits of their UK contact centre experience in the Czech Republic.

ICON specialises in tailor-made contact centre solutions that deliver leading technology and communication strategies that connect brands with their customers across the globe. ICON moves customers beyond brand awareness and onto transactions and brand loyalty.

ICON’s outsourcing experience ensures that clients maximise their use of resources, reduce risk, and are better positioned for strategic decision-making.

Your ICON Team Starts Here!

  • Helen Hickin
    Helen Hickin Chief Executive Officer
    • Jiri Kratochvil
      Jiri Kratochvil Chief Financial Officer
      • Mark Matthews
        Mark Matthews Chief Operating Officer
        • Clancy Tetteh
          Clancy Tetteh BUSINESS UNIT DIRECTOR
          • Neal Bartram
            Neal Bartram BUSINESS UNIT DIRECTOR
            • Joshua Jones
              Joshua Jones BUSINESS UNIT DIRECTOR
              • Martin Whyte
                Martin Whyte Business Unit Director
                • Maisey Bonito
                  Maisey Bonito New Business Manager
                • Steven Yeats
                  Steven Yeats Business Unit Manager
                  • Anthony Why
                    Anthony Why LEAD ICT BUSINESS PARTNER
                    • Damian Paklos
                      Damian Paklos CUSTOMER SUCCESS BUSINESS PARTNER
                      • Andrea Ramirez
                        Andrea Ramirez Talent Acquisition Manager
                        • Bogdan Nicola
                          Bogdan Nicola SITE TRAINER