Services: Inside Sales
Client Sector: Cloud Communication & VOIP

Our current UK-based VOIP client selected an outsourcing partner in the Philippines for their inbound customer acquisition activities. The UK customers’ incoming calls were being handled by non-native English-speaking Filipinos operating in a centre with an 8-hour time differential. The client’s initial decision was based primarily on the low upfront costs offered by the supplier.

In 2013, while not being wholly dissatisfied with the service they were receiving, they decided to benchmark their inbound activity against that of a European contact centre. The client’s motivation was to investigate whether or not an outsourcing supplier that was more culturally aligned with their UK customers could actually improve their sales performance.

ICON Communication Centres s.r.o. in Prague was selected for the trial due to its proximity to the UK, high concentration of UK native inhabitants, level of technology infrastructure, and marketplace maturity. ICON’s experience in multilingual recruiting swiftly hired an experienced sales team for the six-week benchmarking trial.

During the exercise, ICON delivered a sales conversion rate that was 200% that of what the incumbent Philippines-based contact centre supplier was capable of. In addition, call durations were reduced by approximately 60%. The results of this trial were strong enough for the client to effect a change in suppliers from the Philippines to ICON.

While a competitive cost location seemed beneficial initially, the quality of communication specialists provided by ICON ensured that the customer experience was vastly improved. This was verified by data generated from CSAT scoring of the client’s own customers. The cost per acquisition was ultimately reduced, and the client had improved access to their Prague workforce. We’re proud that we maintain a successful relationship with this client and that they continue to expand their operations with us.

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