In Charity

Our chosen charity in 2018 is the Klokanek Children’s Home in Prague 8 and in Q1 this year our generous colleagues raised a grand total of 18 546CZK for them! This amount was from our International Food Day and direct donations of cash and stravenky each month.

January Donations:
Stravenky – 2310CZK, Cash – 673CZK

February Donations:
Stravenky – 935CZK, Cash – 342CZK

March Donations:
Stravenky – 1705CZK, Cash – 12 581 253CZK

Q1 Yearly Total To Date:
18 546CZK

Utilitywise Prague’s charity co-ordinators Andre Gottschling (TIET) and Michal Galas (WD) hand-delivered the amount to a very grateful Veronika Dudová (Director) at Klokanek. To say she was thrilled with our kindness is an understatement. The money will be used to feed and clothe the children as well as contributing to a short holiday for them. The work Klokanek performs in Czech life is truly inspirational and you can learn more about their work here.

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